Bleach Artist Teaches Fans to Draw Rukia in New Video

Rukia Kuchiki may not be the star of Bleach, but there would be no over-powered Ichigo without her. The heroine is the one who introduced the high school boy to her world, and Ichigo Kurosaki would go on to revolutionize the world in which Shinigami live. Now, one of the artist behind the Bleach anime is honoring the lady who made this all possible, and they are teaching Bleach fans how to draw Rukia as well.

Over on Youtube, Masashi Kudo dropped fans a line when he posted a how-to video. The character designer of Bleach decided to teach fans how to draw Rukia should they wish, and the tutorial is a rather fascinating. It imagines Rukia as she looks towards the end of the Bleach manga, and it suits her well.

The video, which can be seen here, is in Japanese but you can follow along without listening. The great thing about art is that is speaks a universal language, so it is totally possible to repeat the moves which Kudo makes.

As the tutorial goes on, fans are shown how to draft the rough outline of Rukia's body before more line art is added. These heavier strokes define the shape of Rukia while giving artists like Kudo the chance to correct mistakes. The side shot is detailed enough for novices to coo over without leaving them in the dust. So if you have an extra thirty minutes or so, today would be a good one to try out this Bleach tutorial for yourself. You can then share your final drawing with Kudo online as the artist shared his finished draft with fans so his followers would feel comfortable doing the same to him.

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