Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Shares New Poster

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc will mark Bleach's return next month, with the long-awaited return finally seeing the Soul Society returning to the small screen. While fans debate which streaming service will air Ichigo Kurosaki's return, a familiar Shonen protagonist has returned thanks to a new visual that has found its way online. Dropping next month, the fight against the Quincies will be the toughest confrontation that Ichigo and the Soul Society have experienced in their anime careers.   

It has been several years since Bleach's anime ran on the small screen, with the manga originally bringing the Shonen franchise to a close following the Soul Society's battle against the Quincies. Last year, however, creator Tite Kubo returned to tell a new story for Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, showing how the Soul Society had changed years after the conclusion of Bleach's original series. While Kubo hasn't hinted at the idea that Bleach's manga will be making a comeback, there are plenty of questions that are left unanswered following this special chapter and with the anime's return, interest in Ichigo and his friends is at an all-time high.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc shared this new look at both Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryu Ishida, with the latter being a member of the Quincy lineage and thus set to play an important role in the upcoming return of the Shonen series' anime adaptation:

(Photo: Pierrot)

Bleach is making its long-awaited comeback during a busy anime fall season, with this October alone seeing the return of major heavy hitters such as My Hero Academia, Spy x Family, Mob Psycho 100, Mobile Suit Gundam, and the long-awaited arrival of Chainsaw Man's first anime series. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc will make a splash through whichever streaming service it airs on though one hasn't been confirmed, leaving many fans in North America to wonder if they'll be able to watch the Soul Society's exploits at the same time as they air in Japan.

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