Bob's Burgers Pays Tribute to Paul Reubens During Latest Broadcast

Bob's Burgers re-airs Season 13 finale, "Amelia" in tribute to guest star Paul Reubens after Reubens' passing.

Bob's Burgers has paid tribute to the passing of Paul Reubens in a special way by re-airing the episode he guest starred in with a special message added in the time since! It was shockingly announced earlier this Summer that Paul Reubens, the comedic star behind Pee-Wee Herman and much more, had passed away at the age of 70. It's led to many tributes from fans and those who had since been inspired by Reubens' work. And this includes the team behind Bob's Burgers, who just recently feature Reubens in a guest role at the end of the latest season. 

Reubens was recruited as the voice of a new character introduced in Bob's Burgers Season 13 finale episode, "Amelia." Named Pat, Reubens voiced a masseuse in training who Bob and the kids were trying to sneak in as a gift for Linda on Mother's Day. It was then fans saw how Pat was absorbed in the challenge that Linda's back had provided for him, and clearly left an impact on the Bob's Burgers team as well. This lead to a special tribute at the end of Bob's Burgers' latest broadcast as spotted by @JermilloGamingHD on Twitter: 

How Bob's Burgers Pays Tribute to Paul Reubens

Not only did Bob's Burgers release some special new art for Reubens in tribute to the star ahead of the rebroadcast of the Season 13 finale on the Sunday, August 13 evening (which you can see below), but at the end of the episode it included some new art featuring Reubens as Pee-Wee Herman for another special tribute to the iconic guest star as noted in the above clip. It's a heartwarming tribute as fans wait for Bob's Burgers Season 14, coming to FOX on Sunday, October 1st at 9:00PM EST

If you wanted to catch up with the first 13 seasons of Bob's Burgers and The Bob's Burgers Movie, you can now check them both out now streaming with Hulu. They tease Bob's Burgers as such, "Bob runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Business may be slow, but they never give up hope." As for The Bob's Burgers Movie, it's teased as such, "Based on the Emmy®-winning series, this animated film finds the Belcher family trying to keep their restaurant afloat and solve a mystery."

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