'Boruto' Ends Mitsuki Arc With an Epic Fight

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally come to the end of its lengthy 'Mitsuki Disappearance [...]

Boruto 91 Mistuki vs Ku Team 7 Onoki Fight

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally come to the end of its lengthy "Mitsuki Disappearance Arc", and even though fans have been disappointed in the anime's story arc as a whole, it's hard to argue that it didn't end on an exciting note!

As you can see below, the final episode of the Mitsuki Arc, "Onoki's Will", brought the long-awaited showdown between artificial humanoids Mistuki and Lord Ku!

As you can see, this clip teases the moment where Mitsuki unveils his Sage Mode powers to go at Ku. At the end of the last episode, the artificial humanoid villain stole a real human heart from his doctor, and used it to preserve his own life. When he comes at Mitsuki, Boruto and Sarada, it's with the full force of his Earth Style justu.

This fight with Lord Ku isn't just an awesome showcase of Mitsuki's Sage Power - in its later phase, the final battle between Team 7 and Ku features all the major hits fans want: Sarada pulls out some awesome Sharingan moves, fire jutsu, and her mom's chakra-strength; Mitsuki uses his elongating powers, snake powers, and a lightning style blast alongside Sarada's fire; and Boruto pulls some classic Shadow Clone fakeouts, before nailing Ku with a big Rasengan blow that shatters the villain's heart.

In short: this is probably the most challenging battle that Team 7 has had - especially since Naruto and the other Hidden Leaf adults aren't around to back them up, this time around. Based on the outcome of the fight, it definitely seems as though the new Team 7 is truly coming into its own, in terms of power, coordination, and confidence; it's also a team dynamic that definitely needs Mitsuki to fully function properly. Part of the problem with this arc has arguably been the fact that it split up the best character dynamic in the show (Boruto/Sarada/Mitsuki). Getting the band back together felt good.

"Onoki's Will" wasn't titled that for no reason: even after Team 7 puts the smackdown on him and shatters his heart, Ku still unleashes one final Particle Style jutsu attack - but Team 7 is saved from destruction by Onoki, he pours the last of his stone-hard jutsu into a Particle attack, disintegrating Ku for good. Unfortunately, that effort saps the last of Onoki's life force, and he dies soon after.

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