Boruto Introduces Its First S-Rank Mission

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has just thrown Boruto's Team 7 into its first S-Rank mission - and the danger level truly makes it work that rank! The latest episode of Boruto's anime finally sees the introduction of Kawaki, the mysterious boy from that ominous flash-forward scene that Boruto opened with. With Kawaki came an even greater threat from the mysterious Kara organization. Suddenly, Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Konohamaru, and Katasuke Tono find themselves facing a level of deadly power and technology never before seen in the Shinobi world. To say that this episode marks a game-changing turn in Boruto - and the larger Naruto saga - would be an understatement.

Warning! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations SPOILERS Follow!

In Boruto episode 188 "Awakening", Boruto and Team 7 discover Kawaki, who they recognize as the warrior that defeated Kara's android puppets. Kawaki awakens and doesn't believe that the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf have his best intentions in mind. That leads to him attacking, and Kawaki's powers instantly prove why Kara wants him back so badly.

Kawaki's energy is massive, and his body has been modified to be a living weapon, with all kinds of retractable Scientific Ninja Tools embedded in his arms. If that wasn't enough, the enigmatic Koji Kashin is watching Team 7's encounter with Kawaki - but because Koji took too long, Kara Inner Delta gets impatient, and lobbies Kara leader Jigen to let her join Koji Kashin on the mission to get Kawaki back.

Delta doesn't arrive in Hidden Leaf alone: she brings another Kara "Outer" (like Ao), this one a fearsome beast of a man named Garou. The episode's opening showed us that Garou and Kawaki have a dark history: when Kawaki was a boy, Kara tested him as their "Vessel" by forcing him to undergo horrific experiments and surgeries. When Kawaki survived, they tested his powers by pitting him, a kid, against horrible killers like Garou. However, when Garou sadistically tried to torture Kawaki to teach him compliance with Kara, Kawaki unleashed energy that blasted off Garou's jaw.

Garou being left disfigured and in a Bane-style mask doesn't sit well with the Kara henchman. So naturally, Garou getting the chance to "reacquire" Kawaki for Kara is a glorious opportunity to do some damage, even if he can't kill Kawaki.

Boruto Anime 188 Team 7 First S Rank Mission Kawaki

With Kawaki's power level, and Kawaki and Garou throwing down like two violent lions (plus the looming threats of Delta and Koji Kashin), Boruto and Team 7 are really in it right now.

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