Boruto Cliffhanger Sets Up Kawaki's First Fight

Boruto Uzumaki has joined the big leagues as of late now that his TV series is focusing on its top-tier manga. At long last, the show has started adapting the Kara arc, and its most recent episodes set up Kawaki's entry to the series. For readers, they know this introduction marks a huge turning point for the anime, and it seems like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to let Kawaki take on his first battle.

The moment in question was teased when Boruto put forward a new episode teaser. The anime ended its most recent release with Kawaki awake at last, and Team 7 is plenty uncertain about the boy. His mysterious origins and powers make him all the more suspicious as you can imagine. But when a new Kara threat shows up, Kawaki steps to the plate.

As you can see above, Kawaki is forced to battle a familiar face when Garou shows up before him. The Kara member may not be an inner member by any means, but he is powerful enough to spook Kawaki. His hesitancy is stoked even further thanks to his past with Garou. After all, the older man holds a grudge against Kawaki for taking his chin off, and Garou is determined to get revenge on the boy.

The episode ends with Kawaki and Garou locked in battle as the younger boy dodged an attack from the ground. It seems Boruto is going to let Kawaki show off his skills when its next episode goes live, and fans are understandably excited. After all, manga readers know what kind of power this boy carries around, and anime-only fans will be happy to find out for themselves firsthand.


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