Boruto Reveals One of its Goriest Injuries Yet

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed one of its goriest injuries yet with the newest [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has revealed one of its goriest injuries yet with the newest episode. The anime series is currently making its way through the original Vessel arc blending together elements from the manga's take on the Kawaki saga with new original material made exclusively for the anime, and the newest episode provided a strong example of how the anime is taking the Kawaki saga to the next level. The newest episode of the series has officially and fully brought Kawaki into the series, and it begins with a brief look at Kawaki's past.

Episode 188 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations takes a brief detour before picking up from the cliffhanger of the previous episode that saw Boruto and Team 7 stumbling on Kawaki. With this detour, however, we get a much deeper look at Kawaki's upbringing and manipulation and at the same time, one of the goriest injuries in the series to date as Kawaki completely blows off Garo's jaw.

Episode 188 of the series begins with a flashback revealing a young Kawaki and a new character named Garo. The two of them are being experimented on, but Garo is far more prideful about his role as a member of Kara's Outers and the impact their experiments have begun to have on his body (sort of along the lines of Ao's own body transformations). This leads to animosity towards Kawaki as the young boy is rightly terrified of the entire ordeal.

Garo then picks up Kawaki and begins to threaten him even more, but it's here that Kawaki's power begins to explode out of his control. A strong blast of energy then hits Garo right in the face, and the resulting explosion reveals that not only has his scalp been completely burned but his entire mouth and jaw is now missing. This explains why we see him later with a new mouthpiece alongside other technological weapons at the end of the episode.

Kawaki's introduction to the anime series is a big one for many reasons, but this gory scene implies that the overall action of the series from now on is going to be far more intense and full of consequence than ever before. But what do you think?

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