Boruto Stuns with His First Talk no Jutsu Victory

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations blew fans away with its anime series with its latest episode, following Boruto's fight against the Hidden Mist Village's Ao, currently employed by the Kara Organization, and fans were shocked when the son of Naruto had his first example of "Talk no Jutsu" lead to victory. Throughout the Shonen series, the seventh Hokage has used his genuine compassion to make friends of enemies time and time again and it seems as if Boruto is a chip off the old block with episode 186's conclusion to the brawl against Ao.

Ao is a tragic character, having been introduced in the sequel series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as a hero of the Fourth World War mourning the loss of many of his comrades. Left crippled and without a goal in life, he was offered a new body and a new modus operandi from the worst source imaginable, the Kara Organization led by the rogue ninja known as Jigen. Coming into direct conflict with Team 7, the latest episode saw Ao fall not only to Boruto's Rasengan but also to his words that took the old ninja back to the past in an attempt for him to find redemption and move past the evil path laid out for him by Kara.

Twitter User Jacob Huston captured the defining "Talk no Jutsu" moment for the son of Naruto during the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that has the young ninja attempting to explain to Ao that he needs to keep on living as himself and not as someone else's tool:

The Vessel Arc hasn't just given us the insane battle between Konoha and Ao, it also has introduced fans to the long-awaited fan-favorite character of Kawaki, who has far more in common with the son of Naruto than many might realize. With the Kara Organization's full ranks exposed and the danger to the Hidden Leaf Village growing by the day, we expect to hear a lot more from the franchise moving forward.

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