Naruto Welcomes Boruto's Much-Awaited Transformation in New Promo

Over its tenure, Naruto has dealt with its fair share of curse marks, and fans have learned how [...]

Over its tenure, Naruto has dealt with its fair share of curse marks, and fans have learned how powerful a ninja with a seal can be. Boruto Uzumaki has learned that himself since he was given such a seal by Momoshiki some time ago. Up until now, the anime hasn't concerned itself too heavily with the mark, but fans have known a special power had to be attached to the seal. And thanks to a new promo, fans can get a sneak-peek at Boruto's big transformation!

The update came in the new episode preview for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The clip, which went live earlier today, follows our hero amidst a surprising debut. With a new Kara foe at hand, Boruto and his team will have their backs pushed against the wall. That is until he whips out his new form.

As you can see above, the transformation is shown in part with the episode promo. Boruto is seen with black marks around one eye that reach down to his cheek. The look finishes with similar black marks on Boruto's hands and arm. It seems the form takes Boruto by total surprise in this promo, so fans are eager to learn what made it appear.

Of course, if you have read the manga, then this sight will be familiar to you. The anime is finally about to bring Karma to life, and it does so once Kawaki appears. The boy is well-versed in the seal given his training under Jigen, so he can use Karma at will. Boruto isn't aware of his power at all, so you can understand why he is surprised by this form shift. It will take some getting used to, but if Kawaki cares to help Boruto out, then there is a real chance the ninja will add a hidden ace to his arsenal.

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