Naruto Reveals How Powerful Boruto's New Villain Is

Boruto Uzumaki has faced his share of villains since he graduated, but he is in for a nasty [...]

Boruto Uzumaki has faced his share of villains since he graduated, but he is in for a nasty surprise in the coming days. After all, the manga has made it clear that the burden of the Hidden Leaf's future is on the boy. Naruto and Sasuke are no longer able to fight the way they once could, and that is a nightmare to consider when you realize how strong the story's new villain is.

For those caught up with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, you will know chapter 86 was a doozy. The update not only confirmed Boruto's determination to grow stronger, but it made a new villain clear to fans. It seems Kara might be in shambles, but its most powerful member is far from done. Code is on a mission for revenge, and Amado breaks some shocking news to Naruto about the boy's strength.

Boruto 56 Spoilers Kawaki Plan Code vessel Resurrection

"The reaction that took place in Code's body is especially astounding. His combat abilities exceeded even Jigen," the former Kara scientist noted.

"Almost every member of Kara has had their body remodeled in order to strengthen it, but it's the exact opposite in Code's case. He's had limiters put in to check his formidable strength."

As you can see, Code has been largely absent from the manga up until now, but it seems his powers are nothing to sneeze at. The anime has welcomed the boy to the screen already, but no watcher could ever have predicted his insane power. Code has been a dark horse this entire time, and Amado admits he's more scared of scorned Code than anyone else out there. And to make things worse, Amado is the only one capable of undoing the limiters placed on Code. The scientist would break if forced to undo the bonds, so Boruto better start training with Kawaki ASAP if he wants a shot at victory.

Did you ever expect Code to be this much of a dark horse? Or did you think there was more to the Boruto baddie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.