Naruto Promo Teases Boruto and Kawaki's First Fight

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing Boruto and Kawaki's first fight with its newest promo! [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing Boruto and Kawaki's first fight with its newest promo! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime is getting ready to fully dive into a new arc all about Kawaki as he's forced to co-exist with Boruto Uzumaki under the same roof, and this means the previous episodes of the series have been setting the stage for this with the final moments of the original Vessel arc for the anime. While it was revealed that both Boruto and Kawaki share the same kind of Karma power (just as the opening for the series had teased), it's only a matter of time before they come to blows.

While Kawaki's first introduction to Boruto (and fans of the anime as a whole) saw Kawaki show off his abilities in quite the impressive fight, the two of them have yet to fight each other specifically. But that's actually about to change soon enough as Viz Media teases with a new promo showing off some of the Kawaki Arc: Clash With Kara coming to the anime. Check it out below:

The funny thing about this fight is that it comes from quite the notable moment in the original manga series, but the anime takes it a bit further with some original flair of its own. This has been the biggest strength for the anime adaptation thus far as it's been fleshing out some of the Kawaki saga moments to bring them to a whole new level. The previous episode of the series even showed a much longer and more distinct look at how Kawaki came to be who he is today.

With the promise of this additional material and the fun premise of Boruto and Kawaki being forced to live with one another under the watchful eye of the Hokage, the Kawaki Arc is likely going to be a game changer for the anime. This is especially true as the two of them also need to figure out the secrets of their combined Karma abilities as they either bond or continue to fight one another like this.

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