Naruto Sets Up One Tailed Beast's Future in Boruto

If there is one thing Naruto Uzumaki knows to fear, it is the power of a wild bijuu. The hero has [...]

If there is one thing Naruto Uzumaki knows to fear, it is the power of a wild bijuu. The hero has known the Tailed Beasts his entire life as Naruto hosted the Nine-Tails from birth. If you are caught up with Boruto, then you know the sequel turned that status quo upside down, and the series has teased where its latest Tailed Beast could go next.

The whole thing began in the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The manga checked in on Naruto after the Hokage was separated from the Nine-Tails. With Kurama being dead for all intents and purposes, the Hidden Leaf has taken a huge hit. And as Amado points out, the whole world is threatened by the Ten-Tails being alive.

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"I probably don't need to tell you, but Ten-Tails is a dangerous presence. As long as it continues to exist so too does the danger of the planet getting wiped out via a Divine Tree. It must be dealt with as soon as possible," the scientist stresses.

Of course, Naruto knows this well. He tangled with the Ten-Tails during the Great Ninja War, and it seems the beast is back. Not even the Hokage and Sasuke could beat the Ten-Tails at full power alone, and the two heroes have just been nerfed. To make things even worse, the Ten-Tails is hiding out in a different dimension, and Sasuke can no longer access it without his Rinnegan. It seems Code is the only one capable of reaching the beast, but Boruto could do so with a bit of training.

With the Ten-Tails looming over the Hidden Leaf, fans are curious what could happen to the monster down the line. It is very possible the beast is killed for real this time around, but it seems likely the Tailed Beast will be sealed away. And if the Nine-Tails is still out of commission, Naruto might be able to seal the all-powerful beast within himself.

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