Naruto Reveals a Tragic Piece of Amado's Past in Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is all about parenthood in some ways, and it digs into the hardest parts of raising a child. Naruto and Boruto have had their troubles just like Sasuke and Sarada have. Now, it has been shared that one of Kara's top members is a father, but his daughter's history is a difficult one to swallow.

The whole situation came to light when Boruto's most recent chapter went live. It was there fans were united with Naruto as the Hokage faced a difficult task. His fellow Kages needed to know if Naruto could kill his own son should Momoshiki take control of him for good. Naruto said he was capable of doing so but admitted he had some reservations about Amado. And as it turns out, the ex-Kara member had a kid of his own once upon a time.

boruto amado
(Photo: Pierrot)

"I used to have a daughter. I know how you feel. She died though. It's already been 12 years," he told Naruto after being told about the Kage Summit.

This revelation is an interesting one as you don't often hear about this kind of tragedy in Naruto. More often than not, children in the series have lost their parents. From Naruto to Ino and Sasuke, this is the trend with our heroes, so it is curious to see the reverse happen with Amado. Clearly, his history is upsetting to think about, but it does give a window into one future that could await Naruto should his son turn. However, the Uzumaki family is nigh untouchable at this point, so we're fairly confident the Hokage should avoid Amado's fate.

And most importantly, this update comes at a curious time. Amado made this revelation in the same chapter where Eida makes her debut. The vixen is one of the cyborgs which Jigen ordered to be destroyed, but she managed to escape execution using one of her powers. As it turns out, Eida has a personal vendetta against Amado, and some fans are wondering if this grudge is connected to his late daughter. Some are even theorizing that Amado created Eida to replace his late child, but for now, this theory is just that as fans await more info on the scientist's tragic past.


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