Naruto: Sarada Finally Unlocks New Sharingan Form

It goes without saying, but Team 7 has been on an interesting journey ever since Boruto made his way out of the ninja academy. Fans have taken some harrowing journeys with the gang, but few of them have been so intense as the one they are on now. With Kara having raised its ugly head, fans are nearing the end of an arc as Sarada and Boruto seek to better themselves before a truly gnarly villain. And right when it was needed the most, Sarada stepped forward this week by revealed her new Sharingan form to the world.

Recently, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out a new episode, and it was there fans came face-to-face with Deepa. The Kara member has ben making things difficult for the Hidden Village with Victor, so it is no surprise Team 7 was set on stopping the pair. As for Boruto and Sarada, they had a grudge against the baddie, and the latter ended up training hard enough to get here second tomoe during their rematch.

The scene in question happens when Boruto is about to take a hit from Deepa. The attack is intercepted by Sarada who diverts it, and she tells Deepa this battle will not end like the last. It will be him who loses, and she emphasizes that point by unleashing her two-tomoe Sharingan.

This version of the Sharingan has been a long time coming for Sarada, so fans are hyped to see it. After all, it is a physical representation of all her training. The additional tomoe makes her Sharingan even more powerful. Clearly, it helped her show Deepa has far she's come as the villain began taking her seriously once Sarada unveiled the form. And if the heroine keeps up at this pace, she will unlock her third tomoe before long.


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