Boruto: Sasuke Pinpoints the Real Reason Behind Sarada's Plateau

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has certainly seen Team 7 of Konoha have better days, as their status following the battle against Deepa and Victor of the Kara Organization shows that they still need some serious training, but luckily they just so happen to have one of the best ninja of Konoha at their disposal in Sasuke Uchiha. With Boruto training under Kakashi in the upcoming arc, Sarada will be training under he father and thanks in part to their bloodline, there's no better person to teach the female member of Team 7 than her father!

Sarada has definitely been one of the strongest young ninja of Konoha, inheriting the power of Sharingan from her father but this preview for the upcoming arc gives us an idea of why she might have hit a certain "plateau" when it comes to her overall chakra. As the preview states, Sasuke clearly believes that Sarada has yet to fully master the power of the Sharingan, which of course makes sense considering the elder Uchiha took a while to fully understand the power that resided within his eyes. It was only until he killed his brother in the legendary one on one duel that he was able to fully unlock the power of the genjutsu and become one of the most powerful ninja in the anime's universe.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared this promo that details not only the upcoming training that will take place between father and daughter, but also the sixth Hokage of Kakashi taking Boruto under his wing to better harness the powers that lie within the son of Naruto:

The Sharingan is easily one of the most powerful techniques in the world created by Masashi Kishimoto, playing a heavy role in nearly every story line involving an Uchiha. Though we don't see Sarada becoming as powerful as her father any time soon, we definitely can see her gaining a better mastery of the bloodline power she inherited!


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