Naruto Sets Up Sasuke-Sarada Training Arc in Boruto

Naruto Uzumaki knows what it is like to bounce from teacher to teacher, and so do the new members of Team 7. If there is one Boruto has shown fans, it is that ninjas need to seek advice from all sorts of masters. That is why Sarada Uchiha is about to seek out a new mentor, and a new promo confirms her teacher will be... her dad.

Yes, it seems like fans are going to get yet another bout of Uchiha family bonding! Sarada is in a low place after she was easily beaten by Deepa while on a mission. Boruto and she made a promise to get stronger, so a new arc synopsis will hold the girl to it. That is why Sarada is about to train under her father, and Sasuke will work with her to master a very specific skill.

The information comes from a new promo that user rocha_luana translated for fans. It is there fans found all the details about this new mini-arc, and while Boruto trains with Kakashi to better his Rasengan, his teammate will turn to Sasuke for help.

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"Sarada will ask her father, Sasuke, for training to master more powerful jutsu. But he says she is not able to fully control her Sharingan," the blurb reads.


Of course, Sasuke is right in this case. Sarada currently has a single tomoe in the anime, but that is not the case in the manga. Readers will know that Sarada has a three-tomoe Sharingan in the manga, so she needs to master her bloodline talent for the anime to move forward. Clearly, Sasuke will be the one to help her reach that point, and fans are eager to see how their father-daughter training goes.

What do you think about this upcoming arc? Do you think Sarada will ever expand her Sharingan past three tomoe? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.