New Naruto Promo Sets Up Boruto's Next Teacher

Naruto Uzumaki knows a thing or three about studying under Kakashi. The famed ninja is one of the most powerful to come from the Hidden Leaf, and it is time Boruto took a cue from the hero. After all, a new mini-arc is coming for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and it will bring Kakashi back into the fold.

For those curious about the arc, its details surfaced on Twitter thanks to translator rocha_luana. The post details the new mini-arc coming in the Kara saga, and it was there fans learned Boruto is about to seek out Kakashi's help. After all, the boy wants to become stronger after failing to defeat Deepa, and Kakashi is the perfect person to train under.

That is if the ninja will even hear you out. Kakashi is not the kind of guy who wants to teach others, so Boruto is going to have his work cut out for him convincing the Sixth Hokage to lend a hand.

boruto naruto

According to the arc's blurb, Boruto will begin training with his new master shortly, and that teacher is none other than Kakashi. It turns out Boruto is eager to improve his Rasengan, but Kakashi is pretty lackluster about the whole thing. The ninja has books to read, and Boruto hasn't given Kakashi any solid reason to train him. It will be up to Boruto to convince Kakashi otherwise, so fans are excited to see what scheme Naruto's son comes up with.


After all, the Seventh Hokage had to beg for training time as well. Kakashi wasn't subtle about his desire to train Sasuke, but Naruto and Sakura often fell to the wayside. Obviously, that favoritism shifted by the time Naruto Shippuden surfaced, but Kakashi has yet to nail the whole sensei gig. But if Boruto is lucky, the former Hokage will come around to the idea easier this time.

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