Boruto Promo Teases a Team 7 Training Arc

Following their defeat at the hands of Victor and Deepa of the Kara Organization, it's clear that Team 7 of Konoha are going to have to go through some serious training in order to stand a chance of bringing down the villainous ninja collective, but luckily, it seems that the preview for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations hints that a training arc might be about to begin. Fans have been waiting for quite some time to finally see the major antagonists of the Boruto series make landfall within the anime, and Kara has certainly made themselves known in the latest episodes!

Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki have definitely seen better days, with the trio of Konoha protagonists being gravely injured as a result of their first battle against Kara. With Deepa, the anime only character, introducing the sheer ferocity of the collective, it's clear that the trio are going to have to undergo some serious training to acquire some new skills and power boosts when it comes to bringing the fight to the Kara Organization. The promo specifically notes that Boruto will be training with Kakashi and Sarada will be training with her father Sasuke, clearly giving these two ninja some much needed "grinding" when it comes to increasing their energy.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the written promotion that foreshadows that Boruto will be learning under Kakashi to better utilize his mastery of the Rasengan, while Sarada learns more about the Sharingan and the abilities that stem from this trademark eye jutsu:

The Kara Organization is the next big villains following the defeat of the Akatsuki at the tail end of Naruto: Shippuden, still attempting to leverage the ultimate plans for the celestial ninja clan known as the Otsutsuki. In the manga, things have been heating up as a civil war within Kara has been raging and threatening to consume the Hidden Leaf Village as a result!

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