Naruto Explains Why the Otsutsuki Always Come in Pairs

Boruto's latest story arc has been about the new evil of the Kara Organization, but that story has [...]

Boruto's latest story arc has been about the new evil of the Kara Organization, but that story has inevitably opened the door to much larger revelations about the entire Naruto saga. We've learned that Kara's leader Jigen is actually one of the eldest and most powerful members of the Otsutsuki Clan, Isshiki. Through that villain's introduction, we've come to know so much more about who the Otsutsuki are, as well as why and how they harvest the chakra of entire planets for their consumption. The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations takes the mythos a step further, by revealing why the Otsutsuki always invade a planet in pairs.

Warning: Boruto Manga 51 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of the Boruto manga sees Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke at a tenuous standstill in their battle with Isshiki. Boruto threw himself in the middle of the fray, playing up a hunch that he is a crucial piece to Isshiki's plan, and cannot be harmed. Boruto is right: he is being spared by the Otsutsuki, and the reason why explains a major part of the Otsutsuki order.

Basically, it's revealed that Isshiki doesn't so much need Boruto as he does Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who is using Boruto as his vessel for resurrection. As Kara's defected scientist Amado explains to Shikamaru, the Otsutsukis' power and immortality comes at high cost. We knew that the Otsutsuki invade planets in order to plant a Ten Tails beast, which transforms into a Divine Tree. The Divine Tree then sucks a planet and its inhabitants dry of chakra and harvests it into Chakra Fruit, an item the Otsutsuki consume to sustain their lives and power.

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But here's the rub we didn't know: a Ten Tails must consume a living Otsutsuki in order to make the transformation into a Divine Tree. That's why the Otsutsuki are paired together: one must make the self-sacrifice to the Ten Tails, while the other harvests the Chakra Fruit.

In the case of the Naruto saga, it turns out that Shippuden big bad Kaguya Otsutsuki was actually the partner of Isshiki in the invasion of Earth - and also the one who was supposed to be sacrificed to the Ten Tails. Kaguya blew that plan apart by defecting from Isshiki, forcing Isshiki to sacrifice his own body (as Jigen) to Ten Tails, and be resurrected in the body of Kawaki. However, the power of a Divine Tree's crop is relative to the power of the Otsutsuki the Ten Tails consumes; Momoshiki's younger age makes him a much better pick for Isshiki to sacrifice.

You and read Boruto's latest manga HERE. The anime has resumed streaming on Funimation and Hulu.