BTS Reveals They Were Approached About New Collabs At The AMAs

The American Music Awards may be over, but one of the event’s biggest acts have plenty more to [...]

The American Music Awards may be over, but one of the event's biggest acts have plenty more to do. BTS made their live televised debut in the U.S. last night with an energetic performance of their hit single "DNA," and the group has more music on the way.


And, according to the boys, BTS may just be teaming up with some western artists for a big-time collaboration.

After the AMAs ended, BTS turned to VLive and shared a short video to thank their fans for all their support. Army got to listen in as Suga detailed how nervous he was before performing, but the boys all chimed in when the topic of collaborations came up.

While BTS was hesitant to name-drop specifics, Jin and RM did come out and talk about the band's wish to work with Zedd. The chart-topping producer is a favorite of BTS, and each of the singers plugged Zedd in several of their pre-AMAs interviews. The producer himself took to Twitter to tell BTS he was down for the collab, but RM cautioned fans that it may not happen.

"We don't know if it will really happen. Zedd said he'd love but it might not happen," RM explained. "You never know with this kind of thing."

Earlier in the interview, BTS did reveal they were approached by plenty of celebrities about doing collaborations. After seeing the kind of support Army gave to BTS, it isn't hard to see why western fans are interested in the group, and such interest must have multiplied after seeing BTS's performance last night.

Of course, BTS is no stranger to doing collabs with western artists. After being shown the boys on Twitter, rapper Wale reached out to do a track with RM that debuted earlier this year. BTS also collaborated with The Chainsmokers on their track "Best of Me" after the groups met at the Billboard Music Awards. This week, the group's next collab will go public on November 24 as "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" will hit the Internet. BTS worked on the track with the hit DJ as well as Brooklyn rapper Desiigner.

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