BTS Members Discuss Whether They've Really Entered The U.S. Market

K-pop is not a stranger to the international stage. After the global success of Psy, the once-niche fandom blew up to the global scale. Groups like EXO have become popular in countries around the world, but BTS’s successes skyrocketed this year. After debuting a new album, the rising group went so far as to perform at the American Music Awards.

However, the band’s members do not think BTS has entered the U.S. market.

Recently, the group finished up its on-going WINGS tour with a set of shows in Seoul. The last date saw BTS hold a press conference where the band opened up about its success, and Suga had something important to say when asked how BTS has changed following their U.S. promotions.

“Truthfully, we didn’t enter [the American music industry]. We went because we were invited to the awards ceremony and shows. It’s not a point for us to say we entered the [American music industry],” the rapper explained.

“We wanted to once again thank our ARMYs in the U.S. We were only supposed to perform on the American talk shows, but at all of the shows, our fans cheered and sang along. They saw this and suddenly created the talk [portion]. It was all because of our fans’ passion and love.”

RM, the group’s leader, spoke about how BTS is handling its surging fame. The idol said the band wants to continue doing work as they’ve always done and not let popularity inflate their egos.

“We went with responsibility, but we don’t think strategically about doing things a certain way just because we’re getting a lot of attention,” RM said.


“We want to continue making our music as we have been doing, we want to continue our relationship with one another and don’t want to get too excited here and continue to put our ideas as we always did to make our albums. We moved our agency and practice room to a better place. We don’t want to make too many changes to ourselves and want to do it humbly.”

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