Castlevania Cosplay Gives Carmilla Her Season Four Look

Castlevania's fourth and final season is set to arrive on Netflix on May 13th, telling the last story for Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard as a unit, and this upcoming season will have a giant role for Carmilla, the vampire antagonist who one Cosplayer has decided to depict using some insane cosplay. With the second season seeing the death of Dracula, and the third diving into the power vacuum created by the loss of the lord of the vampires, it's clear that Carmilla and her sisters are going to be a major part of the final season of the video game adaptation.

Carmilla herself is no stranger to the world of Castlevania, having appeared in the video game franchise with entries such as Simon's Quest, Rondo of Blood, and Circle of the Moon to name a few. While Dracula, in the animated series, was dead set on eradicating humanity for the death of his wife, Carmilla is attempting to take a decidedly different approach than the lord of the vampires. Joining her sisters, the vampire villain is attempting to coral humanity as if they were cattle, to make sure that vampires are able to have a ready blood supply at any given moment.

Instagram Cosplayer May Wed A Cosplay shared this impeccable Cosplay that recreates the look of the vampire queen Carmilla who has been shown to play a big role in the animated series' fourth and final season that is sure to have big ramifications for the Belmont Clan and its friends:

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Even with Dracula no longer among the land of the living, his right-hand man Isaac, who is also a "Devil Forger" is attempting to eradicate humanity in order to avenge the death of the lord of the vampires. With both him and Carmilla raising new armies of demons, it seems as if Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard are about to be caught in the middle of this war within the world of the vampires.

While fans have been saddened to hear that this upcoming season is its last, creative minds behind the series have hinted that they might be revisiting the world of Castlevania in the future, with lots more video game material left to adapt.


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