Netflix’s Castlevania Confirms Season 4 Will Be Final Season

Fans of the animated adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard were ecstatic that the [...]

Fans of the animated adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard were ecstatic that the fourth season of Netflix's popular original series has finally revealed its release date, but many were brought back down to Earth when they discovered that the upcoming season would be its last. Though there are rumors about the series making a return with the creators of Powerhouse hoping to introduce new characters to the series and new adventures, it seems as if the current quest for the trio of vampire slayers will be the grand finale as the armies of the night form.

In the third season, Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard attempted to come to grips with the new world that they had created by killing the lord of the vampires, Dracula, but had left a power vacuum as a result. With Alucard living in his father's castle, attempting to step outside of his dad's shadow, Trevor and Sypha traveled the countryside, coming across a small town that was plagued by a Cult worshipping Dracula. On top of the heroes' stories, we also saw Carmilla and her sisters attempting to corral the remnants of humanity as livestock for the vampires, while the devil forger Isaac is raising an army of his own to get revenge for the death of his undead master.

Netflix took to its Official Twitter Account to share a brand new trailer and release date for the fourth season of the popular original animated show in Castlevania, while also taking the opportunity to reveal the heartbreaking news that this next installment will be the series' last:

The director of the series, Samuel Deets, responded to the article released by Deadline, as the outlet hinted that the story of Castlevania was far from finished and might return with a brand new group of vampire slayers, which might be pulled from the long history of the video game franchise:

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