Castlevania: Nocturne Upgrades Maria For New Series

Castlevania: Nocturne upgrades the power of Maria for its new series from her style in the video game franchise.

Much like Trevor Belmont before him, Richter Belmont won't be alone when it comes to stalking creatures of the night in Netflix's upcoming Castlevania series, Nocturne. Castlevania: Nocturne will premiere on the streaming service on September 28th, taking place during the late 1700s and offering new vampires for the Belmont bloodline to face. Based on the video games Rondo of Blood and Symphony of The Night, Nocturne is aiming to upgrade one of the games' prominent characters in Maria.

Maria isn't the only ally that Richter will have in attempting to stop the rise of the Vampire Messiah. The latest in the Belmont family line will also get aid from the likes of Annette, a swordsman from the Caribbean who can also dabble in the magical world. The vampire hunters will need all the help that they can get as they face off against the bloodsucker known as Erzsebet Bathory. The big bad is attempting to bring back the Vampire Messiah, who may or may not be Dracula in this series. At present, neither Dracula nor Alucard has shown up in any promotional material for Nocturne despite their major influences in the game series.

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Castlevania: A New Maria

During a chat with IGN, director Sam and Adam Deats, Showrunner Kevin Kolde, and Character Design Supervisor Katie Silva explained how the series would make some "improvements" to some of the video game characters. The first season saw Sypha wielding magic to such an extent that she was able to often surpass Trevor and Alucard in the vampire slaying business.

"We're seeing our interpretation of Maria's magic in the game. They're an interpretation of Suzaku, one of the Sacred Beasts from Rondo of Blood. She always had animals that she could summon that would fight with her. Here, we see her use her magic to draw portals that she is pulling them from, pointing in different directions and creating various arcs to direct them. She has sort of a connection with them. This has been a really fun and unique aspect of crafting her and her own abilities, figuring out how to bring those to life in an interesting way." 

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