Castlevania Crew Celebrates Season Three's Success with Fans

Castlevania's third season is definitely a success, having been released on Netflix earlier this [...]

Castlevania's third season is definitely a success, having been released on Netflix earlier this month, and now the creative minds behind the anime are thanking fans for helping the series hit its current heights! With the series hitting the "Top 10 Netflix Original Series" list time and time again, it's no wonder that both the creators and fans alike are taking the opportunity to tout the adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard. Though season three introduced a world without Dracula, this didn't mean that the level of emotion and action decreased by any stretch of the imagination!

The third season of Castlevania gave Trevor and Sypha adventures of their own as they met the enigmatic traveler named Saint Germain, who all team up in order to decipher what a cult that worships Dracula is up to in a mysterious town. Alucard, meanwhile, is struggling with his new found loneliness that comes with his overtaking of his father's castle following his death, and encounters a pair of warriors from the East who are looking to become vampire hunters themselves. Needless to say, on all fronts, things don't go exactly as planned but it makes for arguably the best season of the anime so far.

Warren Ellis, the writer behind the series who made a name for himself via comic books and novels that he's written, expressed his amazement at the Netflix series being ranked as one of the Internet Movie Database's top television series airing right now:

A fourth season has yet to be confirmed for Castlevania, and considering how the third season ended, there is plenty of room for new stories to be mined in the journeys of these heroes and villains. We're crossing our fingers that based on fan reception and the viewership of the original Netflix series that it will only be a matter of time until the franchise is renewed, as there are certainly more characters and story lines from the video game series to mine.

With the third season of Castlevania one of the most binge-able seasons on Netflix, it's definitely worth your time to dive into the series if you haven't had the opportunity to.

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