Castlevania Writer Warren Ellis Welcomes New Anime, FREAKANGELS

With the third season of Castlevania about to be released on Netflix, Series Writer Warren Ellis [...]

With the third season of Castlevania about to be released on Netflix, Series Writer Warren Ellis is staying in the spotlight by welcoming his upcoming anime adaptation that will be landing on Crunchyroll, FREAKANGELS! The story was originally a webcomic, written by Ellis and drawn by artist Paul Duffield, which followed a super powered group that gained supernatural abilities in a post apocalyptic environment. With 2020 marking the beginning of the line of anime series dubbed "Crunchyroll Originals", FREAKANGELS will be in good company alongside the likes of Tower Of God, In Spectre, and The God Of High School to name a few!

FREAKANGELS as a comic ran from 2008 to 2011, with the titular characters residing in Great Britain several years after the "end of the world". With powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, and even manipulating the space time continuum when they were really in a pinch, these dozen young survivors look to create a new community within this harsh environment. Ellis himself, for those who aren't familiar, has written countless comics for both Marvel and DC, as well as several Western animated projects such as the aforementioned Castlevania for Netflix, as well as Justice League Unlimited for Warner Bros. Considering the popularity of the animated adventures of Trevor Belmont and his vampire slaying crew, we're sure that FREAKANGELS will be well received!

Warren Ellis shared the news of FREAKANGELS being initiated into the Crunchyroll Originals series via his Official Twitter Account, welcoming the upcoming anime series to the world that will be dropping later this year 2020 and bringing subscribers to the streaming service into a brand new apocalypse:

Ellis himself is looking to have a banner year, with the third season of Castlevania highly anticipated and releasing shortly in March of this year. The season which will continue to follow the adventures of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard, was based on the insanely popular video game franchise, leaning on the strength of Warren Ellis' hilarious characterizations and sharp wit. As the series now finds a world that is free of Dracula, fans are left wondering just how this new world will present itself and what new and old threats alike will be attacking our beloved trio.

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