Chainsaw Man Producer Details How Voice Cast Was Picked

Chainsaw Man is going to be making its highly anticipated debut later this year, and the producer behind the series has opened up about how the adaptation added its main stars to the cast. Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series is now one of the most highly regarded action manga franchises, and thus it's gotten fans anxious over how the anime adaptation will be bringing it to life. This is especially true for the core cast of characters at the center as fans can't wait to see how the various voice actors in the anime will be performing each of their roles.

Speaking about the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime during a panel at Crunchyroll Expo earlier this Summer, Studio MAPPA producer Manabu Otsuka opened up about how the casting process for the anime was handled. Paying close attention to how each of the various actors brought their characters to life during the audition process, Otsuka explained that the choices were made to highlight and amplify each of the characters' quirks as much as they possibly can as they felt it was important to highlight each of these characters and tones. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

When asked about how the series was cast, Otsuka revealed that much of the decisions came down to director Ryu Nakayama. The series' auditions brought in a large number of veteran and rookie talent, but the director wanted to emphasize the sound of the cast. They wanted each actor to closely matched the characteristics of each lead character as they possibly could, and it has resulted in a fresh and young voice cast as described by the producer. Being close in age, there's a good connection between each of the members of the cast. 

Otsuka also noted that the voice cast is very diligent in their work, and Nakayama offers advice for them when needed. The series' cast has been very excited to join the series as well as they have revealed in special messages following the announcement of their respective inclusions, and it seems like even those involved are excited to see the final project when it launches later this October as part of the increasingly jam-packed Fall 2022 anime schedule. 

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