Chainsaw Man Fans Goes Viral After Showing Off Their Cosplay Woes

When it comes to cosplaying, fans can bring the wildest looks to life with enough patience and practice. However, if thought the process got any easier with time, well - that is just laughable. It takes years to become comfortable with complex cosplays, and the anime fandom has seen as much with its crazy characters. And now, it seems one fan is going viral after showing off their hilarious struggles to craft a complicated Chainsaw Man cosplay.

This starts all with Denji himself. Because while his human form is understated, it all cuts loose when he becomes the Chainsaw Man. This form sprouts a chainsaw from his arms and head, and the helmet hilariously doesn't come with any way to look through it. While it's fine in the series because that's not something the wild world of Chainsaw Man has to address, it's something fans like @artb0i on Twitter noted that they struggle with through cosplay! His video has gone viral for showing just how hard it is to see through that devil's head:

Fujimoto's manga might have ended its run last year, but it came with the announcement that a second part of the series is currently in the works for a release some time in the future. This new part will be releasing in another Shueisha magazine, and has been teased to deal with Denji's new life of balancing school with his duties as the Chainsaw Man and watching over the new Control Devil following Makima. There's no release window or date set for this new entry yet, however.

This second part of Chainsaw Man's manga might be a bit away from its release, but there's still much to look forward to from the franchise as a whole. Chainsaw Man will be branching out with its own anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA, and recently debuted the first teaser trailer for the project that's already taken off with fans. It's clear that this series is going to get even bigger, and inspire even more cosplay, so hopefully the next part gives Denji's Chainsaw Man form some eye holes.

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