Chainsaw Man Becomes The "Most-Anticipated Show" For 2022's Fall Season

Chainsaw Man's popularity can't be denied as the first episode's arrival helped the series to trend on social media as countless new fans experienced Denji's tragic tale for the first time. What might come as a surprise to many is that the bloody anime adaptation isn't just the most anticipated anime series when it comes to the fall season, but the most anticipated television series, animated or otherwise. There are clearly more than a few anime fans that have been planning for the Chainsaw Devil's arrival.   

Chainsaw Man arrived in a crowded anime season, with My Hero Academia, Mobile Suit: Gundam, Mob Psycho 100, Spy x Family, and many other shows making some major comebacks. While the story following the Forgers was able to take the top spot when it came to animes debuting this year, Chainsaw Man will definitely give the espionage story a run for its money

TV Time shared the breakdown of some of the most anticipated television series of the Fall 2022 season, not just relegated to anime, but all the shows that make up the entertainment landscape, with another anime, Mob Psycho 100, making the list as a returning series:

If you want more insight into the premiere installment that begins Chainsaw Man's story in its anime adaptation, Crunchyroll released an official description for MAPPA's first episode:

"Denji is a teenager with everything stacked against him. He's sold off organs to pay a debt inherited from his long-dead father and works odd jobs to keep the yakuza off his back. And just when things seem like they couldn't get worse, the most dangerous of Denji's gigs—hunting the monstrous devils that menace society—is about to show just how dangerous it can really be."

Chainsaw Man's first season will be made up of twelve episodes, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the level of animation that is being used to bring Denji's story to life. While MAPPA has its hands full when it comes to this bloody tale, they are also currently working on Attack on Titan's final episodes along with a new series in Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku. While anime fans can expect the Scout Regiment to return next year, Hell's Paradise has yet to reveal its release window.

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