Chainsaw Man Finally Let Denji Have His Cake Thanks to Part 2

There isn't any other Shonen protagonist who is quite like Denji, the star of the brutal series known as Chainsaw Man. With the first season's anime adaptation arriving this October, the manga's second part recently brought back the Chainsaw Devil, after several manga chapters exploring the new War Devil, Asa Mikata. While there are still many mysteries surrounding the current status of Denji as the world continues to fall in love with the Chainsaw Man, the manga has given the Shonen protagonist his cake after quite some time.

Denji is something of an airhead in Chainsaw Man, always holding onto a sunny disposition in which he is striving for three meals a day, a roof over his head, along with potentially getting a girlfriend. When he is recruited by Makima, the head of the devil hunters, Denji's life changes but his personality remains the same. Throughout the first part of the manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Denji hadn't had the opportunity to knock back any slices of cake, with one of the opportunities being ended in one of the most tragic ways possible. In the latest chapter of the manga, however, Denji wastes little time in scarfing down the long-awaited dessert.

Twitter User D_Kumii shared the moment that Denji is finally able to attain his cake, while also showing us some of the past examples where the Chainsaw Devil almost was able to throw the dessert item into his stomach but was interrupted due to some serious unfortunate circumstances:

Denji has, surprisingly, become the most popular hero in the society in Chainsaw Man, being placed on a pedestal. However, something seems a tad off about the Chainsaw Devil, as the previous chapter saw him letting several innocent civilians die to save a stray cat. While this was a nod to his affection for Power, it might spell something far darker for the Shonen hero who is currently being hunted by the War Devil. It might be some time before we see the Second Part of the manga series adapted by Studio MAPPA, though the animation studio has gone on the record that they'd love to adapt all the stories from creator Tatsuki Fujimoto.


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