Cowboy Bebop And Other Anime Tracks Hit Spotify And Apple Music

Considered to have one of the greatest anime soundtracks within the medium, the series of Cowboy [...]

Considered to have one of the greatest anime soundtracks within the medium, the series of Cowboy Bebop has hit the music services of Spotify and Apple Music, and it's brought some friends along for the ride with the likes of Code Geass and Escaflowne to name a few. With the adventures of Spike Spiegel and his galactic bounty hunters becoming a favorite among anime fans thanks in part to the character work, animation, and unique soundtrack, there are definitely going to be a number of fans that are looking to add these beats to their collection via these two music services!

Cowboy Bebop has been making the news lately not only thanks to its soundtrack, but also due to the live action adaptation that is currently being produced by Netflix. Though the production of the series has gone through a number of problems, such as star John Cho who will be bringing Spike Spiegel to life suffering an on-set injury, fans are still looking forward to seeing how this adaptation stacks up to the original source material. The upcoming series will certainly have a lot to live up to and we're crossing our fingers that the soundtrack is able to stand toe to toe with the legendary tunes of the anime series from which it is based!

Funimation shared the news via their Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that the studio behind the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, and Code Geass to name a few have added the soundtracks to the music providers at Spotify and Apple Music:

The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack was produced by musician Yoko Kanno and the band known as the Seatbelts, with the opening theme of the series, Tank!, long being considered to be one of the greatest theme songs in the history of anime as a whole! Needless to say, fans now have the opportunity to revisit the soundtrack of the Bebop whenever they want.

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