Cowboy Bebop Reunites Band for Quarantine Cover of Iconic Theme Song

Cowboy Bebop is on the binge list for plenty of people living in quarantine, and the band behind the anime's iconic theme has decided to give those newcomers a special treat. Over on Youtube, the band SEATBELTS came together to surprise fans both new and old with a virtual jam session. It was there SEATBELTS played the opening theme song of Cowboy Bebop... and it sounds as good now as it ever did.

The video was uploaded at the end of April when all of SEATBELTS could get together online. The instrumental group set up a video call which everyone entered with their instrument on hand. And after a brief moment of conferring, SEATBELTS was ready to serenade fans with a new rendition of "TANK".

The song, which can be seen performed above, is a masterclass in upbeat jazz music. With blaring horns and throaty bass riffs, "TANK" continues its reign as one of the most infectious in anime. It may not have the soaring vocals which so many shows request these days, but its instrumentals have more than enough character to entice audiences.

Cowboy Bebop
(Photo: Sunrise)

The entire jam session comes in at over four minutes, so you can play the lovely single in the background as you work from home. This theme song is pretty universal, so you can cook to it, dance to it, and much more. Oh, and for guys like Spike Spiegel, they can hunt down baddies to a song like this.


This streamed take on "TANK" is a reminder how relevant the song is today despite it being released years ago. Many fans hope this iconic single will be brought into Netflix's live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, so here is to hoping this SEATBELTS session was a covert rehearsal for an upcoming Netflix gig.

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