Raise Your Own Demon Slayer with These New Tamagotchi

Demon Slayer has all sorts of characters for fans to love, but there are some fighters who fans prefer over others. Of course, people like Tanjiro and Nezuko are on that list, but they are joined by others such as the Pillars. Now, thanks to a new Tamagotchi debut, fans will be able to embrace their inner guardian and raise their favorite Pillar on the go.

As reported by Crunchyroll, it seems a brand-new line of Tamagotchi toys are about to go live. This tech will bring Demon Slayer to the palm of your hands, and we've got to admit we want one of these Tamagotchi ASAP.

demon slayer
(Photo: Premium Bandai)

According to the product announcement, a total of nine Tamagotchi will be released, and each color corresponds with one of the Nine Pillars of the Hashira. Demon Slayer fans will be able to raise up any one of the characters, and every Pillar is available in a single Tamagotchi. So no, you do not have to buy the red Tamagotchi to unlock Rengoku.

These handheld devices will be smaller than your normal Tamagotchi, but they will come stacked with features. Different minigames will be included in the tech, and a variety of demons will appear at any given time. Most importantly, these foes include monsters seen in the first Demon Slayer movie, so you better brace yourself for potential spoilers.

And of course, our favorite junior slayers will pop up in these Tamagotchi. You can expect Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke to visit your growing Pillar throughout their journey.

Currently, these items are up for pre-order in Japan, and Premium Bandai will put more on pre-sale starting November 6. The items will begin shipping out in Japan come March 2021, so if you live overseas, you will have to coordinate a secondhand sale for your Tamagotchi or investigate international shipping options. Previously released Demon Slayer Tamagotchi are available to pre-order through Premium Bandai USA now.


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