Demon Slayer Opens Pre-Orders for Complete Manga Box Set

Demon Slayer's manga might be over, with the adventures of Tanjiro and his demon-hunting friends [...]

Demon Slayer's manga might be over, with the adventures of Tanjiro and his demon-hunting friends coming to a close last year, but fans of the wildly popular Shonen series will have an opportunity to revisit or read for the first time, the series created by Koyoharu Gotouge this fall. The Complete Box Set (Amazon) will collect all twenty-three volumes of the manga series which has become so beloved among anime fans, that it has managed to dethrone the juggernaut of One Piece when it comes to overall manga sales.

While the manga might have come to an end, the anime has quite some catching up to do when it comes to reaching the finale of the beloved anime franchise, with season two arriving later this year and the first feature-length film in the series, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, shattering box office records in theaters around the world. While we aren't sure how many more seasons or movies Demon Slayer will have to wrap the story of Tanjuro, Nezuko, and their monster-slaying buddies, it's clear that the Shonen series has some big moments ahead of it regardless of the medium in which it arrives. Gotouge has been tight-lipped about a potential sequel or spin-off that would return to the world of the Demon Slayer Corps, but fans certainly wouldn't mind seeing the universe return with new stories in both the world of manga and anime.

Viz Media shared the opening of pre-orders for the Complete Manga Box Set of Demon Slayer which will be arriving on October 3rd for around $200 USD, though Amazon currently has it up for pre-order right here with a whopping 40% discount.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train isn't just one of the most profitable anime films ever released, it also has giant ramifications for the series movie forward and will definitely impact the upcoming second season.

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