Demon Slayer Cosplay Introduces Bunny Nezuko

Nezuko has been an essential part of the Demon Slayer and one cosplayer has managed to give the sister of Tanjiro, the titular demon slayer, a new makeover that brings to life her "bunny side" with a look that has never been seen before in the popular Shonen series. With the first feature length film of the series tearing up the charts in Japan, having netted around $220 million USD so far, having not hit North America as of yet, the future definitely seems bright when it comes to the story of Nezuko and her inner demons.

Nezuko is a unique character in the world of Demon Slayer, currently battling the demonic influence that is residing within her person. When her family was killed, her brother has done nothing but train his body in order to eliminate the demonic scourge over taking the country side while also searching for a cure for his sister's possession. Luckily for the world, Nezuko has been able to maintain control of the demon inside of herself, using its power to make her an essential part of Tanjiro's ever expanding crew while also having to deal with members of the demon slayer corps who simply can't get over her current status and wish for her death!

Instagram Cosplayer Brenditz Cosplay shared this unique take on Nezuko, one of the most popular characters of the Shonen series that has become arguably the biggest anime series in the world today thanks in part to the slick animation created by Ufotable:

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A release date for the first feature length film of Demon Slayer has yet to be revealed for North America, though it has been confirmed that those in the West can expect the latest adventure of Tanjiro and Nezuko to hit our shores in 2021. Considering the popularity of the series in Japan, we definitely expect it to continue the trend of breaking box office records when it hits next year.

Though the story of Demon Slayer has come to a close in the pages of its manga, there is still plenty of material left for the anime to cover and we'll be crossing our fingers that we will see a return to the world of Tanjiro and Nezuko down the line!


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