Demon Slayer Movie Hits Huge $400 Million Milestone

Demon Slayer is the series that cannot be stopped. The anime made it clear that Tanjiro's legacy [...]

Demon Slayer is the series that cannot be stopped. The anime made it clear that Tanjiro's legacy is only beginning as Koyoharu Gotogue's story has broken dozens of screen and print records. Things only got crazier when Demon Slayer put out its first movie that is now the highest-grossing film in Japan to date. Oh, and as it turns out, the movie just hit a big $400 million milestone at the global box office.

According to the latest updates, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train has earned more than $400 million USD at theaters to date. This milestone was reached after the feature impressed in three additional markets this weekend. New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia showed Demon Slayer real love this weekend. The movie topped the box office in all three markets, so the anime is doing just fine right now.

Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train Trailer Tanjiro
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The box office reports lay out an impressive picture for Demon Slayer and its success. To date, the movie has earned more than $355 million in Japan alone, and its opening back in October was the highest to date in the country. Nearly 28 million tickets have been sold, and as the weeks have drawn on, Demon Slayer is still at the top of the Japanese box office. There have only been slight dips in its earning since last fall, so you can see why Demon Slayer is being looked at so closely.

Obviously, international markets are ready to screen the film, and the hope is that Demon Slayer will spearhead attendance in theaters this year. The pandemic is still raging in much of the world, but vaccines have sparked tentative hope in a fairly normal summer. If that is the case, Demon Slayer could help usher fans back into movie theaters within the next few months, and the international debut will only rocket its box office gross even further.

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