Demon Slayer Releases Replica Toy of Shinobu's Sword

Demon Slayer has plenty of heroes on its side, and some of its leads have become more popular than others. While Tanjiro and Nezuko lead the group, others such as Shinobu Kocho have grown leaps and bounds since the series made its debut. And now, fans of the heroine will be able to wield Shinobu's sword if they would like.

The courtesy comes from Bandai's DX Nichirin Sword line, a collection of cosplay swords from your favorite anime titles. Shinobu is just the latest heroine to have their sword replicated by the line. According to the report, this Demon Slayer collectible will be 55cm long and feature a slew of voice recordings and sound effects.

(Photo: Bandai)

In fact, Shinobu's sword will come with something special given her skillset. The item will be complete with an Insect Breathing mode which brings out sound effects and lights. A total of 35 different lines can be played from the anime through this sword, so it will be a must-have for Demon Slayer fanatics.

At this point, the sword is expected to cost just under $60 USD in Japan, and the item can be pre-ordered right now. The replica is expected to go live on April 14, so fans can start planning their Shinobu cosplay ASAP. If COVID-19 can get under better control, conventions could be a thing in the coming year, and this Demon Slayer sword would be an excellent addition to your look.


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HT - Otaku USA Magazine