Demon Slayer's Movie Launches Its Own Infinity Train IRL

Demon Slayer's first feature length film is set to arrive shortly, with the Infinity Train arriving into theaters in Japan, and it seems as if a real life train has arrived that will be speeding from the Hakata Station and Nagasaki Station until December of this year! With the movie featuring the return of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon hunting friends in a story line that takes place immediately following the conclusion of the anime's first season, this real life train is arriving at the best time to whisk anime fans, and patrons alike, from different locales!

The first feature length film of Demon Slayer reunites the aforementioned heroes as they travel aboard a supernatural locomotive that is fit to bursting with demons, acting as the next chapter in the insanely popular franchise that Ufotable has adapted. While a North American release for the film has yet to receive an exact date, fans of the series in the West can expect to see the movie arrive into theaters in 2021. Rumors have begun to swirl about a confirmation of Demon Slayer's second season, and considering the popularity of the franchise, it's easy to see that Ufotable will once again be diving into the Shonen world of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their friends an enemies.

NHK World News shared this minute long look into the currently running Demon Slayer train, whisking fans around through Japan in celebration of the first movie of the anime franchise that has been able to surpass sales of Shonen series like One Piece:

Alongside the release of the Demon Slayer movie, a special manga chapter following the first adventure of Rengoku was released, that fans can currently read even if they aren't in Japan to watch the film in theaters with its upcoming release. In the manga, we witness the powerful character of Rengoku fighting against a twisted demon who murders a number of his comrades and teaches the flame wielding swordsman how deadly his future adventures will be.

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