Demon Slayer Cliffhanger Forces Tanjiro to Make a Brutal Choice

Demon Slayer is forcing Tanjiro Kamado to make a brutal choice with the cliffhanger from Season 2's newest episode! With the second season of the series now officially boarded the Mugen Train, Tanjiro, Rengoku and the others have quickly found them within the surprising trap that saw them all put to sleep with the end of the previous episode. It was soon revealed that Tanjiro and the others are stuck within pleasant dreams, and when we last got a look at him, he was happily living with his family once again after they were ripped from him in the first episode. 

That makes the newest episode even more brutal as not only does it force Tanjiro to separate himself from these happy memories and loved ones by choice, but the end of the episode takes to an unexpectedly brutal level. Tanjiro is deep asleep and has no idea how to wake up from his sleep despite knowing that he's stuck in a dream, so he guesses that if he takes his own life he'll wake up. But naturally, such a major choice is not one that can be made so easily. 

(Photo: ufotable)

Episode 3 of the second season explores more of Tanjiro and the others' dreamscapes while Enmu tries to kill them through a surprising trap. Tanjiro's dream reunites him with his family, and even more heartbreakingly, Nezuko's human self. He's living his days peacefully, but soon figures out that there's a problem. His strong sense of self eventually cracks its way through and tells him that he's in a dream and needs to wake up in order to survive the demon's attack. But that's just the beginning of Tanjiro's troubles. 

In order to leave the dream, first he has to tearfully leave his family behind and give up this short bit of happiness. He's cruelly been given this under terrible circumstances, and has to make one cruel choice after another. He theorizes that to truly wake up, he has to take his own life. As the episode comes to an end, Tanjiro raises his sword to his neck and cuts. All we see after is blood hitting the snow, but no way of knowing if it was successful! 

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