Digimon Adventure Sets Up Omegamon's Final Battle

The latest anime series in the popular franchise of Digimon has done a great deal in terms of re-imagining the adventures of the Digi-Destined while recreating some of their biggest journeys throughout the original series, and it seems as if the anime is looking to set up the final battle of Omegamon, one of the biggest aces that the Digi-Destined hold up their sleeves. Acting as a fusion between War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, Omegamon has always been an "in case of emergency, break glass," sort of character, so you know that if he shows up, our heroes are in deep trouble.

Twitter Outlet Wikimon News shared the preview for the upcoming episode of Digimon Adventure which showcases Ominmon and hints at the terrifying battle that the fusion beast will have with Abbadomon, a devastating creature that is seeking to swallow both the digital and real worlds:

Unfortunately for Digimon fans, Episode 67 will be the final installment of the reboot of Digimon Adventure, though the franchise is currently planning a new movie that will once again dive into the world of the digital monsters via Digimon Adventure 02. On top of this upcoming movie, the digital monster franchise will see a new anime series emerge via Digimon: Ghost Game, which will introduce new digital monsters and feature "holograms" and "ghosts" during its run. 

While the story of the Digimon Adventure Reboot might come to a close in the anime series, many fans are led to believe that the series might return, as there is still plenty of material for the show to cover from the original series, especially with the follow-up generation of digital monster trainers. With the movie set to dive into that follow-up briefly, it certainly seems as if the franchise is leading the way to once again dive into the world of the Reboot by focusing on the characters that would take the mantle of the Digi-Destined. 

On the manga front, the latest digital monster series was revealed as Digimon Dreamers, which is far more comedy driven than some of the darker stories of the series' past. 


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