Digimon's New Manga Has Been Revealed

Digimon has been busy this year with its reboot, and it seems the manga is ready to take on new life. If you did not know, the team behind Digimon is working on a new story. This new series will be called Digimon Dreamers as it turns out, and Tenya Yabuno will oversee the series.

According to the update, Digimon Dreamers will be the new series to join the franchise. The series promises to be more comedy-driven than anything else, so fans can expect plenty of laughs. Yabuno also confirmed the character designs of Digimon Dreamers would be a bit different from usual, but he hopes fans will like the styling.

digimon dreamers
(Photo: Shueisha)

If you do not know who Yabuno is, the creator has worked with Digimon Dreamers in the past. He brought the manga's V-Tamer 01 series to life as an artist. Yabuno has also done work on Inazuma Eleven and Pokemon. Clearly, the artist has plenty of experience with children's manga, so fans are expecting good things from Digimon Dreamers.

Now, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Digimon manga, the story is a bit obtuse. The series got its start in manga way back in 1997. Hiroshi Izawa penned the story of C'mon Digimon, and the one-shot became popular enough to spawn a whole series. Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 was then released in November 1998, and other series have followed. Digimon Chronicle, Digimon Next, and others have continued the manga's legacy. And now, Yabuno is returning to bring this latest entry to life!

Want to catch up on Digimon these days? Well, it is harder than you might expect. The anime's current reboot is nearing its finale and can be binged over at Crunchyroll. As for previous anime series, titles like Digimon Adventure 02 are split between Funimation, Crunchyroll, and secondhand home videos.


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