Digimon Reboot Trailer Introduces a New Monster

Digimon is ready to get back in action, and it seems the anime's reboot will get going with some all-new monsters. It was not long ago fans first learned the franchise had its eyes set on a reboot. When the news went live, fans were left wondering how the reboot would shake up the canon they've come to love. And thanks to a new trailer for Digimon: Adventure, fans know there will be at least one newbie joining the series.

Over on Twitter, a still of the new Digimon in question was nabbed by WithTheWill. The fan-site noticed Agumon is pitted a against another monster in the trailer, and the blurry shot they captured shows a creature unlike any other.

"He's battling what appears to be a new Digimon," the site shared.

Though it is hard to see, you can make out the blurry shape of a Digimon in the stills above. The monster looks very similar to Kuramon given its blob-like shape and singular eye. The bright green monster has lots of color changes on him, and they highlight its yellow eye. Complete the spiked tentacles, this monster looks plenty fierce, and its purple appendages would make any Kuramon jealous.

Of course, Digimon fans have started to wonder whether this monster is connected to Kuramon; It is hard to deny their similar looks, but there is more hiding behind the surfaces. While this could be a new evolution or variant of Kuramon, fans are inclined to think this monster is new through and through. And if that is the case, there is a chance this new Digimon could take the place of Kuramon in this all-new reboot universe.


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