Digimon Fan Brings WarGreymon to Life with LEGO

Digimon is back in a big way thanks to its reboot, and one fan is lifting up the anime even higher with a special LEGO tribute. Over on Reddit, fans began buzzing when a custom built statue of WarGreymon was shared with the Digimon community. The special LEGO figure was put together to honor Agumon at his finest, and that means WarGreymon has finally gotten his blocky dues.

The user StartsWithItalics created the WarGreymon statue for fans to gawk at. The build, which can be found online, will leave Digimon fans desperate for an official line of LEGO kits. From its talons to its head gear and color, this take on WarGreymon is perfect, and it seems there are more on the way.

When asked if other forms of Agumon would get made into a LEGO statue, the poster said they have made Metalgarurumon for the most part. "Sooo I actually already have for the most part -- and thanks! In the last week I started a project to build all the final season 1 digivolutions, and now I'm fine-tuning all 7 of the rest. Zudomon looks great, but like all, I'm trying to make sure they are sturdier and don't fall apart so much," they shared.

I made a Lego WarGreymon from r/digimon

"Wargreymon is the first one fully finished, and it actually came out much better than I anticipated, as I didn't order any parts and just used what I had."


Currently, there are no build instructions for this custom model, but LEGO fans are determined to make their own digital monster. Digimon has plenty of merchandise under its belt, but it has lacked anything like this build-a-figure project. And as you can imagine, fans would very much like to make their own WarGreymon brick by brick.

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