Digimon Reboot Posts Special Teasing Anime's Big Reveals

The newest iteration of the digital monster anime franchise has decided to take things back to the past with a brand new spin in the reboot of Digimon: Adventure and the series has apparently dropped a big new teaser that is pointing to some big arrivals from the franchise. With the reboot giving us a fresh take on the classic human trainers and their virtual monsters exploring the digital landscape, the teaser that shows some of the highlights from the first three episodes has also given us some shadowy figures that some might be able to identify based on their shape!

Digimon: Adventure's reboot has done a great job of re-introducing the Digi-Destined to a brand new audience, dropping them into a landscape that leans far more into the idea of a "digital" domain, whereas the original series immediately had them fall into an environment that was far more digital in name than appearance. Though it seems as if this is looking to change in upcoming episodes, we still haven't come anywhere close to cracking the surface of the roster of the digital monster franchise!

A number of images from the recent Digimon: Adventure were shared by Twitter User JP_Excelsior, showing a number of shadowy digital monsters that have made several appearances throughout the anime series of the franchise as well as a number of video games to its name:

A few of these Digimon that are draped in darkness appear to be Whalemon, Clavis Angemon, Slash Angemon, and Raguelmon to name a couple of the monsters that are shown in the special. With the reboot of the Digimon Adventure series giving us human characters that are nearly identical to the Digi-Destined that we knew in the first series, it will be interesting to see what changes are made for the story overall and what digital monsters may make an appearance that didn't appear on the first go around!

What Digimon do you see here that we haven't mentioned? What digital monster do you hope to see make an appearance in the reboot? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and digital monsters!