Digimon Reboot Teases the Arrival of Some Mythical Monsters

Digimon Adventure's big reboot may currently be on a hiatus due to the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the first three episodes of this new series were a huge hit with fans. Before it went on hiatus, Tai and the other DigiDestined made their first real steps into the new Digital World of the 2020s. And with this new Digital World comes a whole host of new challenges that even long time fans of the franchise might not be fully privy to! A special preview for the new episodes recently launched in Japan, and it includes a few notable teases.

As noted by Xerveltal88 on Reddit, one moment from this special teaser includes a shot of the Seven Heavenly Warriors. This is a group of powerful angelic Digimon that has rarely been seen in the anime, but has made several appearances throughout the games. It's a faction that's certainly to change the landscape of the anime, for sure.

Anyone excited for their appearance on the new series? 7 Angels/holy digimon, I bet we'll get the 7 demon lords aswell from r/digimon

Created by the Celestial Digimon (as first seen in Digimon Frontier) the Seven Great Heavenly Warriors are a faction based on seven different virtues that are made with the explicit purpose of keeping the dark forces of the Seven Great Demon Lords at bay. If these groups are on the way to the reboot, not only will the anime have its fair share of darkness and powerful unknown entities like the original series, but have several nostalgic shout outs to the rest of the franchise.

This line up includes Seraphimon, Mastemon, Cherubimon, SlashAngemon, Ophanimon, ClavisAngemon, and Anubismon. It's far too early to know what role these Digimon will be playing in the new series, but it's going to give the DigiDestined quite a chain to work through once their journey returns to screens following Japan's declared state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Are you excited to see Digimon Adventure's big reboot expanded with this huge group of powerful deities? What are you hoping to see from the series when it finally returns from its pandemic hiatus? How much do you think it will change from the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!