'Dragon Ball' and Adidas Collection Leak Reveals Majin Buu Shoe

Sometime this year, Adidas will help all you sneaker fans out with its latest collection. Not long [...]

Sometime this year, Adidas will help all you sneaker fans out with its latest collection. Not long ago, reports surfaced that the company would be releasing a series of licensed Dragon Ball kicks, and a new leak seems to show off the line's Majin Buu shoes.

Over on Twitter, the user Seraphy shared another look at Adidas' collaboration with Dragon Ball. The shoe, which can be seen below, is a vibrant one that has fans split so far.

As you can see, the alleged leak shows off an Adidas show in the new Kamanda style. The sneaker has clear connections to Majin Buu as it borrows many of the character's iconic colors. The body of the shoe is a light pink like Buu's skin, and its soles are made from textured black rubber.

When it comes to laces, the shoe has purple ones which match Buu's cape, and its backside features a yellow-green extender.

So far, Adidas has kept quiet about the reported leak. The company has yet to confirm the upcoming collection, but Seraphy has released other leaked images of the line.

Last week, Seraphy dropped images of the line's Cell and Freeza kicks. The new shoes, which can be seen above, were met with mixed reviews by fans. Cell's shoes come in the Prophere style and have a speckled green design to them. As for Freeza, the kicks are based on the Yung-1 design and feature a vibrant white-and-purple color scheme.

Again, there is no official announcement from Adidas about the anime team-up, but fans are hopeful. The collaboration would be the first official one between the brands. In the past, some fans did manage to get their own Dragon Ball kicks from Adidas through the Adidas ZX Flux collection. One lucky fan managed to get his design approved by Adidas on accident, giving the customizable shoes some very copyright unfriendly designs

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