Dragon Ball Art Gives Gohan a Soft Sailor Moon Makeover

Sailor Moon is enjoying a little comeback these days, and it is thanks to the anime's recent [...]

Sailor Moon is enjoying a little comeback these days, and it is thanks to the anime's recent Netflix drop. Our favorite magical girl brought her latest movie stateside after a long wait, and Sailor Moon fans are coming out of the woodworks. And thanks to this shifted focus, one fan felt it was only right to give a Sailor Scout makeover to a very familiar Dragon Ball fighter.

The piece comes courtesy of BROONOart over on Twitter. It was there the artist gave Gohan a Sailor Moon makeover worthy of even Tuxedo Mask. In fact, Goku's oldest son looks remarkably similar to the masked vigilante in this redesign, and we are loving it!

As you can see above, the artwork gives a soft take on Gohan that clashes with his original design. After all, Gohan was brought to life by artist Akira Toriyama, and his art style is not one any fan would call soft. His edgy, action-filled panels are full of energy and sharp lines. This Sailor Moon design is gentle in every way, but it suits Gohan rather well.

After all, Gohan is not the kind of Saiyan you'd expect Goku to call his son. The boy is immensely strong, and his talent for fighting is innate. However, he is more kindhearted than most Saiyans before him. After growing up in various fights, Gohan left those brutal days behind as an adult to marry his lover Videl before focusing on academia. And while Gohan will still head to battle when called, his calling lies far away from the frontlines.

The same can be said for Usagi as Sailor Moon never expected her celestial powers to befall her. She has plenty to worry about between her family and dwindling grades, but Sailor Moon always goes to battle when it matters the most. So if these two heroes were to ever meet, I am sure they'd have a lot in common to share! And if you want to see more art from BROONOart, you can find them here on Twitter.

What do you think of this Dragon Ball makeover? Does Gohan suit this softer style or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.