Dragon Ball Creator Clears Up Theories About Saiyan Hair

Dragon Ball fans have asked a lot of questions about the series, and it can be hard to keep track of what's been answered or not. Over the decades, the Saiyan race has prompted a whole lot of debate about its power levels, but that is far from it. In fact, Saiyan hair has become a point of contention for many fans, but creator Akira Toriyama has tried to clear up suspicions about Goku's hair in the past.

If you do not recall, Toriyama spoke about Saiyan and their hair some time ago. Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Character Volume addressed a number of issues with the artist in a past chat. It was there Toriyama had this to say about Saiyans and their hair:

Dragon Ball Super Goku Shocked
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"Incidentally, It's not that their hairstyle never changes; Nappa went bald, after all. The states of Saiyan hair are also the same as Earthlings'; its properties are just a little bit different." (via Kazenshuu)

This quote is somewhat famous within the fandom as it addresses Saiyans and their mysterious hair. For years, Dragon Ball fans were left to wonder aimlessly why Goku's hair as an adult was the same as a kid. These questions compounded when Gohan was seen with different hairstyles, and that doesn't even touch upon Vegeta's mustache. According to Toriyama, it sounds like pure-blooded Saiyans don't cut their hair or even try to style it differently from its natural shape. And as for facial hair, there is an explanation.

When you look at the magazine's original text, Toriyama refers to hair as 頭髪. The most strict translation of this word into English is hair that's on top of your head rather than on your face. This explains why Vegeta and Nappa grew some fierce facial hair without twisting Saiyan customs. So if Goku wants to rock a beard one day, he is more than welcome to do so!


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