Dragon Ball Continues to Top Fiscal Earnings in New Toei Report

Dragon Ball is a money-making machine, and it is not hard to see why. The franchise is one of the biggest to ever come out of Japan, and Goku has amassed millions of fans worldwide. The resurgence of anime in pop culture has only made the Saiyan richer, and a new report from Toei Animation confirms Dragon Ball is still its top earner these days.

Recently, the company put out its fiscal report for the first quarter of the 2021 year. The document, which breaks down Toei's earnings from April - June 2020, confirms Dragon Ball earned 4.7 billion yen. This equals about 44.3 million in American dollars, but the lofty number is down year over year. The last fiscal year saw Dragon Ball earn 4.8 billion yen.

As you can see in the graphs below, Dragon Ball topped each of the categories that Toei ranked by earnings. When it came to domestic licensing, Dragon Ball was far ahead with 1.93 billion yen while One Piece came in second with 821 million.

The next categories focused on all things overseas licensing. Dragon Ball ranked number one with overseas films as it earned 988 million with One Piece earning 716 million. As for overseas television licenses, Dragon Ball pulled in a heavy win with 1.8 billion yen while One Piece came second with a fair 607 million.

Looking at these numbers, it seems Dragon Ball has dropped in domestic earnings year over year, but that is not the case across the board. The franchise earned more money this year than last overseas, so foreign fans are clearly seeking out their favorite Saiyans. But with the main at a close, the only Dragon Ball fans can get nowadays are reruns.


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