Funimation Shares Sneak-Peek at Exclusive 2020 Dragon Ball Funko Pop

Funimation is the home of all things anime, and it has a slew of exclusive Funko Pops to its name. Collectors flock to these limited bids in the hopes of expanding their pricey collections of anime figures. Fans have wondered if Funimation would still have exclusives this year since the company most often sold the pieces at conventions, but a sneak-peek seems to show what this year's limited pick will be.

And can you guess what it is? If you look back at Funimation's last few picks, you will figure it out. After all, Funimation has yet another Beerus Funko in mind, but this Dragon Ball Super exclusive has ruffled up some fans.

The first-look appeared on Twitter after pages such as DisFunko posted photos of the Funimation 2020 Exclusive. It seems Dragon Ball Super will be thrust into the limelight this year with a special figure of Beerus. The purple chrome piece is the first of its kind to tackle the God of Destruction, so we have to applaud its bravery.

This Funko is the third under Funimation to tackle Beerus. The company has licensed Pops of Beerus that were either metallic or flocked. Another exclusive tackled Whis recently and turned him metallic. These exclusive figures fetch a high price on the secondhand market given their limited stock, so you can find them for hundreds of dollars nowadays. There is no telling whether this chrome Funko will appreciate in the same way, but Beerus does have a record of aging well. So if you are in the market for another Funko, this exclusive one may strike your fancy once Funimation puts it up for sale.

What do you think about this upcoming Beerus Funko? Will you be adding it to your Dragon Ball Super collection? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!